Surya Shakti

Surya Shakti is a dynamic form of the Sun Salutation and Surya Kriya. Composed of 18 postures, this practice is a complete physical training that invigorates the body and mind, strengthens the spine and provides a feeling of well-being.

During this workshop we will break down the sequences of Surya Shakti in order to learn each movement and understand the correct alignments, paying particular attention to breath and movement coordination. Following this workshop, you will be able to continue practicing Surya Shakti independently at home and even while traveling.

Features & Benefits


*Approx. duration given as an indication, may vary


Surya Shakti must be practiced on empty stomach, this means:
- 4h after a full meal
–   2h ½ after a snack (fruit, biscuit)
–   1h ½ after a drink (tea, coffee, milk, fruit juice). This means that, after that, you can drink only water
- 10h after alcohol consumption
–   45 min after a cigarette